Cazhmere Brand Ambassador Terms & Conditions

By becoming a Cazhmere Brand Ambassador, you agree to the following:

  • You will not share confidential information, including product launch details, product images, or Brand Ambassador materials.
  • You will not speak negatively about the brand or those you work with publicly. Please reach out to Cazhmere first with any issues or concerns ( 
  • You will represent Cazhmere in a positive light. We chose you as a Brand Ambassador because we feel you embody the brand. As a Brand Ambassador, we expect you to incorporate our values into your lifestyle and be a positive representative of the brand.
  • You will treat other Brand Ambassadors with kindness and respect, especially in community chat forums. Cazhmere does not tolerate bullying or negativity under any circumstances. 
  • Both parties, the Brand Ambassador and Cazhmere, have the right to cancel the partnership at any given moment, with or without notice.
  • Cazhmere has the right to reject any submissions that we feel do not meet our content requirements or quality standards. 
  • You will not refer to posts, gifted products, etc. as PR, sponsorships, or advertisements. 
  • All content submissions must be your own work.
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